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The Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) is a global exchange standard capturing Flight and Flow information. FIXM is implemented in UML and XML and fully supports the data exchange requirements for the Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment (FF-ICE) concept, as defined by the ICAO1 ATMRPP2.

FIXM Applications
FIXM Extensions
Message Support

Contains metadata about the message exchange in addition to guidance for constructing messages, such as XML templates.

Sits as a layer above Core.
Basic Flight Data

Contains basic flight data that are globally applicable and which are endorsed by the FIXM CCB.
Regional Supplements

Supports localized requirements from particular communities of interest.

Extends basic flight data and/or applications.
Getting Started
1. Download the latest version of FIXM Core with the FF-ICE Application package here.
2. Explore available regional Extensions to FIXM Core and Applications here.
3. Check the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.
4. Still have questions? Contact us.
Recent Updates

October 21, 2022

  FIXM Core v4.3.0 RC, Basic Message v1.1.0 RC, and FF-ICE Message v1.1.0 RC were released.  

November 30, 2021

  FIXM US Extension v4.3.0 was released.  

April 16, 2021

  FIXM User Manual for Core v4.2.0 release is available.  
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