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ATS Message Extension v1.0.0
This verified extension provides support for the ICAO ATS CHG Message.
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+ ATS Message Extension v1.0.0 Schemas

+ ATS Message Extension v1.0.0 Schema Documentation

+ ATS Message Extension v1.0.0 Logical Model

Release Notes

The final release of the ATS Message Extension v1.0.0 was published on December 15, 2017. This is a verified extension produced by the FIXM CCB. Note: this extension was previously referred to as the 'ICAO Verified Extension'. While it is now referred to as the 'ATS Message Extension', the filenames and schema remain the same.

This release contains the Schemas, Schema Documentation, and Logical Model. These reflect the CCB-approved changes based on the following approved change requests (CR):

            #8 - Revised Extension Mechanism
            #9 - Add Support for ICAO CHG Message

The CRs are available on the FIXM Work Area ( Requests/Forms/AllItems.aspx). If you are new to the Work Area, directions for accessing the Work Area are available on at the new FIXM work area.pdf

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