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FIXM Core v4.1.0
Contains basic flight data that are globally applicable and which are endorsed by the FIXM CCB.
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This release contains the Primer, Schemas, Schema Documentation, Logical Model, Modelling Best Practices document, and the Operational Data Description (ODD).

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+ FIXM Core v4.1.0 Primer

+ FIXM Core v4.1.0 Schemas

+ FIXM Core v4.1.0 Schema Documentation

+ FIXM Core v4.1.0 Logical Model

+ FIXM Core v4.1.0 Modelling Best Practices

+ FIXM Core v4.1.0 Operational Data Description

Release Notes

The contents of this release reflects the CCB-approved changes based on the following approved change requests (CR):

            #7 - Improving FIXM Reference to Aeronautical Information
            #8 - Revised Extension Mechanism
            #9 - Add Support for ICAO CHG Message
            #10 - Add Supplementary Information Source
            #11 - Simplify Arrival/Destination Modeling
            #12 - Modify Aircraft Identification Pattern
            #13 - Modify Vertical Distance Modeling
            #14 - Remove SSR Mode
            #15 - Remove Time Reference
            #17 - Modify Flight Plan Version Format
            #18 - Add GUFI Originator
            #19 - Add Message Type
            #20 - Modify Message Recipient Format
            #21 - Modify Operational Acceptability Status Documentation
            #22 - Add FF-ICE Step 1 Airport Slot Info
            #23 - Modify GUFI Pattern
            #25 - Trim down Dangerous Goods Data Elements
            #28 - Deprecated the Messaging package
            #29 - Introduce XLinks for External References
            #30 - Documentation Updates
            #31 - Add Sequence Number to Ordered Lists
            #32 - Make Base Classes Abstract
            #35 - Add Global Cardinality Limit
            #36 - Minor Adjustments of the FIXM ODD to Match ICAO Terms and Definitions
            #37 - Align with FF-ICE Terminology
            #38 - Clarification of the Deprecation Policy for FIXM
            #41 - FIXM 4.1.0 Beta Bugs ICAO Alignment

In addition, this package contains binding files to support the external schema that is referenced via an XLink (see CR #29 for details).

A complete list of the changes since v4.1.0 can be found in the file named 'RELEASE NOTES_Core v4.1.0 Changes.xlsx' in the release archive.

The CRs are available on the FIXM Work Area ( Requests/Forms/AllItems.aspx). If you are new to the Work Area, directions for accessing the Work Area are available on at the new FIXM work area.pdf

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