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FIXM Core v4.0.0
Contains basic flight data that are globally applicable and which are endorsed by the FIXM CCB.
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+ FIXM Core v4.0.0 Primer

+ FIXM Core v4.0.0 Schemas

+ FIXM Core v4.0.0 Schema Documentation

+ FIXM Core v4.0.0 Logical Model

+ FIXM Core v4.0.0 Modelling Best Practices

+ FIXM Core v4.0.0 Operational Data Description

Release Notes

The FIXM Core v4.0.0 was released on August 31, 2016. This release supports the content of the individual ATS message fields described in ICAO Doc 4444 and the new flight data items identified by ICAO ATMRPP as part of the requirements for FF-ICE Block 1. This version of FIXM:

  • Retains only the pieces of flight information that are traceable to ICAO requirements (Doc 4444 and draft FF-ICE Block 1 requirements). This implies that some capabilities previously enabled by FIXM are no longer supported.
  • Incorporates a new messaging package for enabling the creation of the FF-ICE Block 1 messages as described by ICAO ATMRPP.
  • Implements improved route and 4DT structures in line with FF-ICE Block 1 requirements.
  • Achieves greater alignment with ISO standards (e.g. ISO 19103) and AIXM 5.1.

FIXM v4.0.0 is not backward compatible with FIXM v3.0.1.

UPDATE - October 31st, 2016:

Complementary material was released on October 31st, 2016. This package does not affect the FIXM Core v4.0.0 XML Schemas nor the Logical Model. The objective of this complementary material is to improve the documentation of the FIXM Core v4.0.0 release by updating some of the documentation components and introducing new ones.

  • FIXM Core v4.0.0 Primer
    Updated on October 31st, 2016, to add the hyperlinks for the updated complementary materials.
  • FIXM Modeling Best Practices
    Released on October 31st, 2016.
  • FIXM Core v4.0.0 Operational Data Description
    Updated on October 31st, 2016. The updated edition adds the tracing of the data elements to the ICAO FF-ICE Implementation Guidance and the UML paths to the FIXM Logical Model elements.
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