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FIXM Core v3.0.1
Contains basic flight data that are globally applicable and which are endorsed by the FIXM CCB.
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+ FIXM Core v3.0.1 Data Dictionary

+ FIXM Core v3.0.1 Schemas

+ FIXM Core v3.0.1 Schema Documentation

+ FIXM Core v3.0.1 Supporting Documentation

+ FIXM Core v3.0.1 Logical Model

+ FIXM Core v3.0.1 Modeller Manual

Release Notes

The FIXM Core v3.0.1 was released on February 11, 2015.This is a maintenance release for the v3.0 model, schemas, and documentation. The purpose of this release is to qualify the XSD schemas, by enabling the attribute elementFormDefault = "qualified" for every schema file. The change is limited to the XSD schemas, all supporting documentation remains the same.

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