FIXM Strategy and Charter

FIXM Change Management Charter

  version 1.1   (06-Feb-2017)


FIXM Change Management Charter.pdf
The FIXM Change Management Charter outlines the formal change management processes required to ensure that the content and design of FIXM is unambiguously understood and endorsed by the FIXM stakeholders. This charter formalizes the FIXM governance and its operating procedures.


FIXM Strategy

  version 1.1   (06-Feb-2017)


FIXM Strategy.pdf
The FIXM Strategy outlines the strategic objectives for FIXM in order to guide the overall FIXM development.


FIXM Release Plan

  version 1.0   (06-Feb-2017)


FIXM Release Plan.pdf
The FIXM Release Plan describes the FIXM CCB roadmap for the FIXM core releases and for the verified extensions to FIXM.


FIXM Implementation Guidance (Includes ATS Message to FIXM Mapping)

FIXM Implementation Guidance Package

  version DRAFT   (31-Oct-2016)


DRAFT - FIXM Implementation
This package aims to build "community knowledge" about the implementation of FIXM, and will evolve at a different pace (i.e., with more frequent iterations) from other FIXM artefacts, based on implementers' feedback.
Package Contents:

  • (Draft) FIXM 4.0.0 Implementation Guidance
    FIXM is developed as an enabler for FF-ICE. It is therefore paramount that implementers have access to guidance and recommendations on how to best implement FIXM in support of the flight information exchanges described in the FF-ICE Implementation Manual. The FIXM Implementation Guidance is developed with this objective in mind.
        Maturity: DRAFT
  • (Draft) FF-ICE 1 Realization Through FIXM-Based Services
    A set of FIXM-Based example services that enable the information exchanges defined in ICAO FF-ICE Implementation Guidance. In addition to the document, the design of the services is provided in a Sparx EA file.
        Maturity: DRAFT
  • ATS Message Content to FIXM Logical Model Map, v4
    This document defines a formal mapping between the FIXM Logical Model (version 4) and Air Traffic Services (ATS) message content as defined in ICAO Doc 4444.
        Maturity: endorsed by FIXM CCB
  • (Draft) XML Examples
    XML examples in valid FIXM v4.0.0 format representing 40 sample ICAO flight information exchanges (ICAO FPL-CNL-DLA-CHG Messages) and 3 sample 4DT data files. The original data are in the 'input' files, the parsed contents are in the 'intermediateOutput' files, and the FIXM-formatted data are in the 'output' files.
        Maturity: DRAFT

IMPORTANT NOTE: Several materials are marked DRAFT, meaning that more discussion is required before they reach an appropriate level of maturity. Nevertheless, they are released publicly by the FIXM CCB in order to identify necessary improvements or clarifications, and to provoke discussions, based on implementers feedback. The FIXM CCB welcomes opinions, change proposals, or any additional materials that can help improve the FIXM guidance for implementers. These should be sent to the FIXM Forum:

The FIXM CCB can also be reached at


FIXM Development Guidelines

FIXM Development Guidelines

  version 2.0   (31-Oct-2016)


FIXM Development Guidelines_v2.pdf


Archived Documents

Globally Unique Flight Identifier (GUFI) Format and Content

  version 2.1   (23-Jun-2014)


GUFI Format v2 1_Final.pdf
A collaborative effort to establish the Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) has been underway for several years. A key component of the flight model is a Globally Unique Flight Identifier (GUFI) that is included on every Air Traffic Management (ATM) flight data transaction to unambiguously identify the flight to which the data applies. The purpose of the GUFI is to eliminate problems that have occurred in the past when systems try to accurately correlate data that is received from many other systems. This paper discusses the format and content of the GUFI.NOTE: The GUFI format described in this document should be considered stable for all FIXM versions 3.0 and above.


Globally Unique Flight Identifier (GUFI) Requirements

  version 2.1   (23-June-2014)


GUFI Requirements v2 1_Final.pdf
The Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) contains the data element GUFI. The purpose of the GUFI is to have an identifier that allows any Air Traffic Management (ATM) flight data to be easily and accurately correlated with any other ATM flight data. Using the GUFI, all systems can be sure they are referring to the same flight when exchanging data about that flight. This paper presents background information on general issues regarding unique flight identification, such as defining what is a flight, and proposes a set of GUFI requirements that can serve as input to the collaborative process defining an internationally accepted GUFI.

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