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FIXM Strategy and Charter

FIXM Change Management Charter

  version 2.0   (23-Sep-2021)

FIXM Change Management Charter v2.0.pdf
The FIXM Change Management Charter outlines the formal change management processes required to ensure that the content and design of FIXM is unambiguously understood and endorsed by the FIXM stakeholders. This charter formalizes the FIXM governance and its operating procedures.

FIXM Strategy

  version 2.0   (30-Jun-2021)

FIXM Strategy.pdf
The FIXM Strategy outlines the strategic objectives for FIXM in order to guide the overall FIXM development.

FIXM Release Plan

  version 1.1   (26-Apr-2018)

FIXM Release Plan v1.1.pdf
The FIXM Release Plan describes the FIXM CCB roadmap for the FIXM core releases and for the verified extensions to FIXM.

FIXM User Manual

FIXM User Manual

  version 4.2.0   (17-Mar-2021)
The FIXM User Manual (previously named FIXM Implementation Guidance) provides a comprehensive overview for FIXM Core 4.2.0, the FF-ICE Message Application 1.0.0, and the Basic Message Application 1.0.0.

The FIXM Implementation Guidance documentation for previous FIXM releases is available on the Download page.

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