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FIXM Objectives

The FIXM Strategy document, approved and published by the FIXM Change Control Board, details the strategic objectives for FIXM to guide the overall FIXM development.

Enable the ICAO FF-ICE concept

FIXM is first and foremost developed in order to enable the flight and flow information exchanges identified by ICAO as part of the FF-ICE concept. The FIXM evolution is tied to the ICAO roadmap for the development, review, approval, publication and applicability of FF-ICE packages.

Reflect all stakeholders concerns

FIXM was developed through an inclusive process by which all interested stakeholders were able to contribute in the definition of flight data elements and participate in the development of the standard.

Support modularity, flexibility, and extensibility

The long term success of FIXM hinges on its ability to accomodate new technologies and operational changes. Modularity allows stakeholders to use only the parts of FIXM which they require. Flexibility enables stakeholders to use FIXM in ways which were not necessarily envisioned at the time of its creation. Extensibility encourages stakeholders to build their own extensions to the standard. Some of these extensions can become - in time - part of the core body of FIXM.

Align with other relevant ATM initiatives

Many initiatives have been historically conducted by various ATM communities of interest in order to specify standards supporting the exchange of domain-specific information. ATM modernisation programmes are now moving towards integrated ATM information where these existing standards, developed to meet domain-specific requirements, have to be brought together and aligned to a certain extent. FIXM, in this context, is one ATM standard, among many others, that will enable the exchange of elements of ATM information, restricted to the Flight domain. Its development therefore strives to align with other relevant ATM initiatives.

Align with the ICAO SWIM concept

FIXM is one component belonging to the Information Exchange Models layer of the SWIM Global Interoperability Framework described by the ICAO SWIM concept (ICAO Doc 10039), which is being refined by the ICAO Information Management Panel (IMP). FIXM therefore monitors the work and conclusions of this panel and will align over time with any relevant recommendations from this panel, as appropriate.

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