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The FIXM Change Control Board (CCB) provides the governance for FIXM. The FIXM CCB sets the main principles that guide the FIXM development and has overall responsibility for the evolution of FIXM. The FIXM CCB is supported by the FIXM CCB Secretariat (CCBS) which provides the technical and human resources for the management of the FIXM Change Proposals, of the FIXM components and of the FIXM online resources.

The development of FIXM is open to any organisation or individual having a verifiable interest in FIXM. The collaborative group of FIXM Stakeholders forms the FIXM Community of Interest (CoI).

The FIXM CCB, FIXM CCBS and FIXM CoI act under the provision of the FIXM Change Management Charter. This document clarifies the roles and responsibilities of each group, details the FIXM change management process, and sets the FIXM CCB membership rules.

Because FIXM is an enabler for the ICAO FF-ICE concept, the FIXM development is supervised by the ICAO ATMRPP. The FIXM CCB offically reports to the ICAO ATMRPP about the progress and evolution of FIXM during the official meetings of the panel.

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