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Release Plan for FIXM Core



Target Release


Summary of General and Specific Aims




February 28th, 2020

Release Candidate
January 31st, 2020

Beta Version
October 28th, 2019

Alpha 2 Version
December 2018

Alpha Version
July 2018


General Aim:

•  Align with the requirements for FF-ICE/PLANNING based on the Q4 2018 Intermediary version of ICAO Doc 9965.

•  Optimize FIXM Core design based on implementers' feedback.

Specific Aim:

•  Revisit the "Messaging" package in the light of ATMRPP's desired technical vision for FF-ICE/PLANNING - see also Note 2.

•  Clarify the absent data policy for FIXM in line with FFICE/PLANNING update strategy.

Scope Statement:

FIXM 4.2.0 shall support:

•  The content of the individual ATS message fields described in ICAO Doc 4444.

•  The flight data items identified by ICAO ATMRPP as part of the requirements for FF-ICE Block 1 - see also Note 2.

Note 1: The new version of FIXM planned for June 2019 was labelled 5.0.0 in the previous version of the FIXM Release Plan. Following the consolidation of the version policy for FIXM and anticipating that the evolution of the information exchange requirements for FFICE/PLANNING will not require major conceptual changes to FIXM, the FIXM CCB decided to requalify the June 2019 version of FIXM to a MINOR release and consequently to rename it to 4.2.0.

Note 2: As of April 2018, discussions are underway at ICAO level for further clarifying, among others, the potential need for technical harmonization of some aspects of the FF-ICE/PLANNING services, and in particular the messaging aspects. These ICAO discussions may eventually affect the scope statement for FIXM. At a minimum, FIXM 4.2.0 will support the flight data items identified by ICAO ATMRPP.

History of FIXM Core Releases



Release Date


Version Contents




Aug 2012


•  ICAO FP 2012


•  NAS Flight Plan Data

•  Initial ED-133 element inclusions




Dec 2012


•  Hazardous Cargo (Dangerous Goods)




Aug 2013


•  ICAO 2012 ATS (15 remaining messages)

•  TFM (Strategic)

•  Fleet prioritization, TFM DE, CDM

•  Airport CDM (Eurocontrol)

•  ANSP to ANSP boundary crossing (tactical)




Aug 2014


•  Surface data (anything not covered in Airport CDM
and TFM/CDM elements)

•  4D Trajectories (1st package)




Feb 2015


Qualifies the XSD schemas, by enabling the attribute elementFormDefault = "qualified" for every schema file. The change is limited to the XSD schemas, all supporting documentation remains the same as FIXM 3.0.0.




Aug 2016


This version supports:

•  The content of the individual ATS message fields described in ICAO Doc 4444

•  The new flight data items identified by ICAO ATMRPP as part of the requirements for FF-ICE Block 1 (based on working paper ref. ATMRPP-WG/31-WP/713 "Manual on FF-ICE Implementation Guidance").

Compared with the previous version, this release:

•  Retains only the pieces of flight information that are traceable to ICAO requirements (Doc 4444 and draft FF-ICE Block 1 requirements). This implies that some capabilities previously enabled by FIXM v3.0.1 are no longer supported.

•  Incorporates a new messaging package for enabling the creation of the FF-ICE Block 1 messages as described by ICAO ATMRPP.

•  Implements improved route and 4DT structures in line with FF-ICE Block 1 requirements.

•  Achieves greater alignment with ISO standards (e.g. ISO 19103) and AIXM 5.1.




Dec 2017


This version supports:

•  Further captures the evolving requirements for FFICE/PLANNING.

•  Completes the rationalisation of the FIXM Core content based on ICAO ATMRPP inputs (rationalisation of the dangerous goods package);

•  Integrates optimisations based on implementers' feedback.

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